How to get NIE-Number in Spain?


We can guide and assist you with all the steps to get your NIE Number in Spain. This is an ID number for foreigners and ex-pats who are living, working or studying in Spain.

The NIE, or “Número de Identidad del Extranjero” is the foreign identification number. The Spanish government issues this number to register foreign citizens. Any foreigner who wants to live in Spain will have to get the right residence permit and NIE.


What is The Spanish NIE Number?

The NIE is an ID number that’s assigned to foreigners or ex-pats in Spain. Every non-Spanish person must have this number. Without this legal document, you cannot:

  • buy a property or real estate
  • open a bank account
  • create a business
  • sign a lease
  • find a job
  • sign a work contract
  • file a tax return

How to Get The NIE Number in Spain?

Each foreign resident must complete an NIE application form to apply and get an NIE number. This is called Form EX-15 and is available online. It must be completed in Spanish as applications in English will be rejected. The application process requires you to share some personal information.

When applying, you must book an appointment before visiting any physical offices. If you are abroad, it must be any police station in the region of residence or the Spanish Consulate. Usually, the waiting period is from one to three weeks depending on the area and Consulate general.

Your NIE will be printed on your EU Certificate, which is a green card given to registered EU citizens in Spain.

We work with immigration offices across Spain to make the application process simple. Speak with an immigration lawyer about how to get an NIE in Spain.

How can a lawyer help me to get my NIE in Spain?

We can obtain your NIE for you by acting on your behalf, through Spanish Power Of Attorney, or POA. There are several types of Power of Attorney in Spain and we will explain what’s best for you. However, each type removes the need for the client to travel regularly to Spain. This saves time, money and stress as an attorney will, in fact, act for you on legal matters.

Generally, power of Attorney is a straightforward process. We define our role and draft the Power of Attorney with your oversight. This is then checked by a Notary Public. We will answer any questions regarding the Power of Attorney forms.

In Spain, durable Power of Attorney (or durable poa) isn’t allowed. This is beneficial for you in the long term.

We also help clients obtain the NIE number at the Consulate or Embassy in your home country by providing guidance.

An NIE is essential for purchasing a property, signing a lease agreement, opening a bank account or creating a company. It can even be used in estate planning for wills and final testaments.

Our team of lawyers at Emporium Homes will be pleased to assist you with any of these plans or goals. We can also provide Power of Attorney and complete the NIE application process with your personal information.